Alternative Methods of Traveling Without Your Car

Try these alternative methods of traveling without using your car.  These are cost-effective and will offer a totally different pleasant experience:

Walking: Try walking short distances.  While walking you tend to appreciate nature.  Watching the flowers and plants near the pavement and observing passers-by will bring positive mood changes.  It is a good physical exercise also.

Public transport:  In places where public transport is available, try to use the same.  It is a cheaper mode of transport.  Using public transport will help you in contributing to environmental protection by reducing traffic and air pollution.  Also, you will be relieved from the fatigue of long drives.

Carpooling:  People who travel to the same area can pool their cars.  This will be cost effective and help in building peer group.  Instead of using one car per individual, the pooled car can be used for numerous persons.  Car Pooling will reduce traffic to a greater extent.

Hoverboard:  Try OffroadHoverBoard to easily maneuver in traffic. It is easily portable and travels at a reasonable speed.  Choose sturdy hoverboards with good quality wheels and battery.

Skating:  Skating wheels can be used for reasonably shorter distances where the way is hurdle free.  It can be used to visit informal nearby areas.

Asking lifts:  If you travel by busy roads, there will be plenty of commuters.  Raise your thumbs up for a lift.  Nothing wrong in getting a free lift occasionally.

Two wheelers:  If you own a two-wheeler in addition to the car, always use the two-wheeler as far as possible while traveling singly.  It can move at high speeds even in high traffic and uses less fuel.  Prefer a bike rather than a car for traveling with your loved one.

Cycling is also a good exercise which increases blood circulation in the body.