Car Emergency Kit: The Best Tips What to Keep in Your Car

Driving and taking it for granted!

I would have taken driving to and fro the office for granted if it was not for such a terrible experience that I had a few years ago.

My parents had always told me to commute in a car because it is relatively safe and also because cars nowadays are far more reliable than in their days. Yet, breakdowns even if infrequent do happen and you never know where the car can simply give away.

I was getting back home after doing overtime when suddenly the car braked noisily. I don’t know what I was doing but when I hit the brakes, I jolted in my seat. After that, it took me harrowing hours out in the cold night to get back home.

To add to the trauma, this patch used to be extremely remote, cut away from the main hustle bustle. I generally took this route because it helped me reach fasten. In the emotional humdrum that I was in I almost cursed myself for taking this bypass.

The point I am trying to make here is how important it is to carry your emergency tool kit with you in the car.

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Your contents in the toolkit must contain:

  1. A powerful flashlight with spare batteries;
  2. Reflectors; they have to be sturdy enough to be able to withstand the onslaught of vehicles;
  3. A comprehensive first aid kit;
  4. A mini fire extinguisher;
  5. A spare tire that is checked regularly for air and pressure;
  6. A jack and other tools that you will need for changing the tires;
  7. Tow straps;
  8. A pair of scissors or blade or window pane crasher;
  9. Back up fluids like oil change;
  10. Can for collecting water.

There are many more things that you can add on. But these are absolutely essential in my opinion.…

How To Build Your Own Dream Car On A Budget – A Complete Guide

At 247spares learn how you can build your dream car without spending a lot of money. How you would want to build your dream car is totally up to you. What pays is to go slow, plan and research well and take time out to decide what to include and what not to. Here are some tips to build your car for cheap.

Buy a car within your budget

Stick to buying a car that fits your budget. You can later design it as per your wish. You do not want to buy a car that is totally perfect. Go for something with some minute flaws because that will let you save money.

Do not always buy new

It is not important that you buy new only. Second-hand parts are great because they give you a great bargain. You get authentic parts too in the second-hand market. You could also search for parts on the internet as well to get a bargain on it.


Bring out your creativity and DIY some stuff. You will get plenty of ideas on the internet which will let you do some stuff yourself. This lets you save a great deal of money.

Find someone whom you can trust

For service and repairs or to buy stuff, you do not necessarily need to go toa branded shop. The company service centers are expensive and they charge you a premium for the same work. If you have a local dealer whom you can trust then it is best to get the stuff or do the repairs through him.

Designing a car of your dreams is not something that is very difficult. It is important that you look around for what you want, plan well in advance and then look for shops that sell the same stuff for cheap.…