The Best Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

A car is a solid investment that can take a chunk out of your salary. Keeping your vehicle up and running means, you can use it for longer, getting the best of your money. Here are the things you should be doing regularly to keep your car in top shape.

Replace rims and tires

Start at the tires when it comes to your car’s health. Depending on the condition your tires and rims are in, the fuel utilization to suspension system, everything can be affected. New tires retain proper grip and maintains your car’s performance.

Clean air filters

The air filter protects the engine from dust and debris. Occasionally pop out the filter from the air box and take it down for a quick cleaning. This way your engine will stay in good shape and perform well for longer.

Oil and filter change

The longer you drive, the engine oil is regulated and circulated over and over which dissipated the mineral purity. When you change oil regularly (per 5000 kms), your engine performs better for longer.

Detail and wash

The exterior of your car can go through much wear and tear. Getting it detailed occasionally will remove any corrosive element like bird poop, calcium and bug tar.

Service cables and spark plugs

When the ignitions system is in the best shape, your car can run longer in all seasons. Spark plugs and distributor cables can be easily worn out and that only means your car must work harder to fire up the engine. Poor quality of service cables and spark plugs also make your car consume more fuel, frequently lose power and cause cylinders to misfire. A high quality ratchet wrench set will come in handy when you need to work on this.